The company was founded in August 2020, not long ago, yet we do not lack expertise, motivation and innovative strength. With our content-based document analysis and NDA checker, we already offer one of the first interfaces between technology and legal services. With our digital assistant, we have developed software that can be used by anyone – and without the need for prior technical or legal knowledge. Providing individual advice and finding unique solutions is part of our corporate philosophy.

Our journey

November 2019

First brainstorming and elaboration of the business model

November 2020

Start of the development of our artificial intelligence and laying of the cornerstone of our software

June 2021

Participation in various innovation and start-up competitions.

August 2020

Kick-off and foundation of Legal Analytics GmbH

January 2021

Legal Analytics grows! A team was put together from various technicians and managers

It goes on...

We strive for steady progress and can’t wait to see when we reach the next exciting milestone

In 2018, our founder David was still helping to develop and realise innovative, digital business ideas at d.velop Labs. Then, last year, he surprisingly decided to take the step into self-employment. It was unexpected for him, as he had consciously decided against self-employment only a few months before. But when he and his former colleague and current Advisory Board member Nils Bremann came up with the idea of Legal Analytics, everything turned out differently than planned. After in-depth deliberations and an intensive development phase, Legal Analytics GmbH was born. David and Till decided to join as co-founders and Nils joined the advisory board. Since November 2020, a team of 15 people has been working towards the goal and the shared conviction of offering the technological advances that market demands. Artificial Intelligence, on which our products and services are based, has a special role in all of this.

Are you interested in the digitalisation of the legal sector?

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