This is how easy it is to handle the digital assistant:

Defining the requirements specifications

In the first step, you define your requirements for the legal document to be reviewed. In doing so, you determine the relevance of various contract components: Clauses can be classified as a necessary criterion, an exclusion criterion, or a non-relevant criterion. Depending on your personal needs, you can choose from a wide range of criteria, such as checking for liability sums, contractual penalties, notice periods and much more.

File conversion

After you have uploaded the documents, they will be analysed by our AI and converted into an editable format in the process. So you never have to worry again about whether and how you can edit an existing PDF document – during the analysis it is automatically converted into a conventional format.

Identifying and editing the sources

You can use our editor to visualise the elements (e.g. contractual penalties) so that you can edit them accordingly.

Text blocks

With the help of the integrated text block function, you can intuitively add your own standards to your contracts. The standard is displayed as a text block at the appropriate location and can be inserted with one click.

360° view

Our 360° view gives you an overview of the most important aspects of your contract. In a separately generated document, the individual contract elements are once again clearly summarised.

If you would like to know more about our artificial intelligence or you are interested in a short demonstration of the software, please feel free to make a non-binding appointment or contact us with your request:! We are sure that we can also make your daily work easier.

David Schonebeck, Business Development Manager