How does the application of our AI work?

In the first step, you define the individual criteria to be considered by our artificial intelligence during the analysis. Among other things, preset criteria are available to you for this purpose, such as the check for liability thresholds, contractual penalties or notice periods. You can determine yourself the relevance of the criteria for the subject matter of the contract to be checked.

After that, you upload your legal document and have the opportunity to relax and get a coffee. In the meantime, the contract is automatically checked, so that after a short moment, you can inspect the search results selected by the AI.

In the last step, you have the option of either adapting them yourself – or you can use our integrated text module function, by means of which you can easily add ready-made contract clauses to your legal document. Once you have finished editing, you can save the adapted document in the format of your choice.

Our artificial intelligence promises a time saving of up to 80%. This way, you finally have time for the really important tasks again.

By removing redundant work, our AI software enables you to organise your day-to-day work efficiently.

Our software helps to minimise the risk that can arise during the creation of a contract.

Both development and data processing are carried out exclusively in Germany: security is our top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our company does not use legal tech applications yet - What is the best way to proceed?

If you are planning to integrate legal tech applications into your business processes, it is essential to know which work steps can and should be facilitated by artificial intelligence. We will be happy to assist you in evaluating this in word and deed: Please feel free to arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with us.

Which legal tech tool is best suited for my purposes?

Which application is the right one for you cannot be answered right away. However, if you are looking for a tool to automate contract review and drafting, we are the right partner for you: we have developed a system that works for almost every matter and every type of contract. If you have a problem that cannot currently be solved with our software, we are also open to individual solutions.
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How is my data protected?

We guarantee that your data will be treated with the highest possible level of security. The development of the software and the processing of the data takes place exclusively in Germany, which is also the exclusive server location of our company. Your data is also secured in accordance with the strict rules of German data protection requirements.